Crawfishm PO BOYS and seafood TO GO in New OrleaNS

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Seafood, Chicken, Crawfish, PO Boys & Chinese
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Boiled crawfish TO GO or to eat at the restaurant. We use our own Cajun and Creole influenced cspices recipe.
Crab legs TO-GO, boiled in typical New Orleans tradition.
Typical NOLA style local crawfish, boiled fresh daily.
PO BOYS with fried shrimp, typical New Orleans sandwiches with our secret NOLA style spices and batter.
Fried shrimp to EAT IN or TO GO. Fried to perfection with our own Cajun and Creole recipes.
Soft Shell Crab to Eat  In or To Go, a traditional New Orleans dish using local fresh crabs and our own Creole batter.
Delicious BBQ shrimps with our own blend of spices, a typical NOLA dish!
Noodle soup with shrimps and vegetables.
Grilled shrimp prepared NOLA style, with salad and tomatoes
Our grilled shrimps are prepared with our special blend of cajun and creole seasonings can also be ordered to-go.
Crawfish and Seafood TO GO in New Orleans
Po Boys To Go, the traditional New Orleans sandwich.
Our crawfish boil is prepared only with locally farmed fresh crawfish, and are seasoned with our special blend of creole and cajun spices. They can be eaten at our restaurant or be ordered to-go.

New Orleans Style Seafood, Crawfish, Gumbo, "PO Boys" and Chicken

We offer generous portions of high quality crawfish, seafood and chicken dishes at low prices.

NOLA's Traditional Seafood.
We are proud to offer traditional Creole and Cajun influenced New Orleans seafood dishes such as crawfish, PO-Boys, shrimp, oysters, gumbo, jambalaya and much more.

The fried dishes such as fried shrimp, fried oysters, soft-shell crab and others are prepared with our own batter recipe that has proven not only to be delicious, but as we have been told, to also have the perfect amount of spiciness.

Dishes are cooked one at a time
All our dishes are prepared after you place the order, which means that they are freshly cooked from scratch. You will allays receive a freshly cooked dish.

We also have an efficient To-Go service. Your dishes will always be prepared after you make the order and given to you warm right out of the kitchen.

About Us

I started working in thin business in 2003, when it was started by my aunt. She loved New Orleans food, learned from it and decided to be part of the restaurant business. She took traditional recipes, and added other dishes to complement it.

Working with her I learned about cooking traditional NOLA seafood, learned about the business, where to get fresh seafood and produce, and found that this is what I knew how to do well and that I liked it doing it. When the time came I bought the business from her, and I continued the tradition of freshly made seafood such as Crawfish, shrimp, crabs and of course the traditiona "NOLA PO-Boys". We also make chicken, and some some popular Chinese dishes.

Today we work with my brother, and our satisfaction is to receive compliments from our clients and to see that they return becoming loyal clients. We have found that our clients find that our dishes are large portions of great tasting freshly cooked food at a price that is significantly lower than other places - That is what we think our food is about, and our mission is to continue doing it better and better.

We invite you to try our food and look forward to see you returning many times.