Seafood & Chicken
Seafood, Chicken, "PO-Boys" and Chinese
3168 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Crawfish boiled with our own pices blend, to eat at our restaurant or to be ordered TO GO!
Crawfish are one of our specialties! Always prepared fresh with delicious traditional NOLA style spices.
We have sevral types of crabs such as local Louisiana Blue  Crabs, Dungeness Crabs and Snow Crabs.
Our crabs are patially opened ready to be eaten at our place or to take then to go.
Crabs are part of our specialty, always prepared with our spices blend for a truly Cajun and Creole flavour.
Fried Catfish is anothe rLouisiana and New Orleans delicacy, which we prepare in the traditional MOLA style.
Softshell crabs prepared the New Orleans way is a traditional seafood dish that has become one of the favourites by our clients, specially ordered to go.

Crawfish, Shrimp, Oysters, Soft-shell Crab and other New Orleans Seafood

These generous portions dishes are among of our client's favorites!

We select our seafood from local providers from the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana close to our restaurant, freshness is assured. The right fresh seafood and fish are crucial in creating great seafood dishes.

Cooking from scratch one dish at a time after orders are placed is another crucial component in creating our seafood dishes. Traditional recipes from New Orleans with their Creole and Cajun roots plus some of our own spices create a flavor that is already recognized by our customers, and keep them returning.

We offer really generous portions at a considerable lower price than other places, turning our disches into a very attractive alternative to eat great NOLA Seafood.