Seafood & Chicken
Seafood, Chicken, PO Boys and Chinese
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PO-BOY with popcorn shrimp
Popcorn shrimp PO-BOY, a delicious sandwich.
Fried Oysters PO-BOY, NOLA style, delicious!
PO-BOY with fried catfish
Fried fish PO-BOY with our special spices.
Hamburgers, traditional and seafood, made homestyle.
Meat PO-BOY with cheese, lettuce and tomato.
Shrimp PO-BOY NOLA style!

Real NOLA's Seafood "PO-Boys", Hamburguers and Buffalo Wings

Our PO-Boys with fried shrimp, fried oysters, soft-shell crab and more are traditional New Orleans food.

Our PO-Boys are delicious and large, enough for a meal and more. We maked them with fresh shrimp, oysters and soft-shell crab fried at the moment of making the sandwich to assure a fresh and just-made sandwich.

We also make hamburguers, Buffalo Wings and salads following the same approach, always made after an order is placed, for every client.